Our Journey Together Begins!

It is time. Many voices are rising together in a beautiful symphony that demands change and awakening into higher dimensions for humanity. 

I am a Pleiadian Elven starseed, that is here to help bring in Divine Feminine & Masculine balance and Nature connection to Earth. This will be a project that will be started by me, but will not finish with me. It will be finished when humanity has evolved into their final stages of being physical sovereign expressions of light & love beings, on earth. 

It is up to all of us when this will occur. To my own eyes it is already occurring. Humans are developing stronger senses, and in tune with their non physical ones such as intuition more.  Ears are becoming stronger and hearing more through the lies on earth. Mouths are speaking more authentic truth and creating beautiful sound waves. Eyes are seeing through the illusions. Nose is smelling the “waste” of agendas plotted and schemed. Hands are being used to invent every day and help each other. 

We are READY. I am 36, and have been ready for this since I was a starseed child, but really am ready NOW and I see I am not alone. 

Pleiadian consciousness is what many starseeds are remembering and re-awakening to, and other humans are following in this next step of their spiritual development.

The seven pointed star is connected to the Elves & Faeries, as well as connected to the seven sisters of Pleiades. It is always a sacred number of 7 chakras, 7 sins, and 7 virtues & 7 layers of human consciousness to go through and ascend to higher levels. 

The seven points of the star can represent a number of things to different people. To me it is. 

  1. Earth energies
  2. Air energies
  3. Water energies
  4. Fire energies
  5. Spirit of Wisdom energies
  6. Light energies 
  7. Cosmic Love energies 

All coming together into Harmony with one another. 


The Projectelvenstar will be an ongoing project to discuss ideas for change and spiritual evolution in bringing humans out of the material intellect into the Spiritual and non-material one, allowing true balance to take place and the human species to move towards Pleiadian consciousness. 

Thank you for joining me in bringing the new earth together.

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” — Izaak Walton

Unit 4- Divine Love Self Expression: Love Yourself First

Goes along with this video done live and intuitively you can watch for more about my personal story and these are the exercises and homework:

Exercises and homework to practice:

  1. Make a list about your gifts and abilities-use your natal chart or go back to memories of things you noticed about your own self. Meditate at some point scanning the places that feel loved in your body and soul. Explore this by recognition which brings awareness, which then brings in the I AM, THE I AM. This is an ancient esoteric secret of using the power of creation within you to affirm the truth of who you are. Take time right now to write down all things you are good at that come from within your unique soul.
  2. Throw out old harmful illusions about surface beauty in the world. Discover the truth of inner beauty that lasts forever and is noticed by the stars and nature itself in the form of being a caring and conscious person of others. You aide to the growth of other souls. This is what is called spreading beauty- you are beauty and love itself, as Existence itself. Spreading Love & Beauty is choosing the help life grow and all souls around you too. Remember the outside is just dresser, but becomes beautiful the more your inside is, the outside glows and shines. It has to match the frequency you carry. You may not look like what society pushes as beauty, but you will be seen as beautiful by others who are honest with themselves. The more you see yourself as beautiful inside and out, you will be able to find the beauty within others. This leads to a happier and healthier world.
  3. Learn and master the art of Unconditional Love-so what if people do not love you back, your cup is full and you have plenty to give. You simply know where people are in life and accept them for where they are at the time emotionally. Galadriel in Lord of the Rings is a wonderful example of this as she gave gifts to everyone in the fellowship in the book for the sake of support and love. You can exercise the ability by giving gifts to people, whether it is physical gifts, or simply your time and care. Remember you are Love itself- you are infinite consciousness and can give infinitely to yourself and to others. More help discussed on this youtube video: https://youtu.be/DPgSH4mmjYg
  4. Learn to gaze at the world through gentle eyes of not harsh criticism, but understanding by remembering your past life as that person or same role. Even that murderer, that thief you can understand because you were once there since consciousness is infinite. It doesn’t mean you love or accept the darker acts themselves, but you can see past them and see to the soul hurting who does them. See yourself in Evil on earth, but not part of it and understand the “hell” people are stuck in. Do what you can to help them find Heaven on Earth, but don’t get dragged to hell with them if it isn’t time for them to listen to you.
  5. Learn to transform and absorb all negativity with your love. Imagine yourself just absorbing their negative energy as a big sphere of love and light. You can envision Angel wings, faerie wings, or simply a sphere that enfolds the person being negative towards you. Take all the unnecessary hate people are giving you as a form of attention. There is something within them that calls to look towards your direction, it is a thin line between hate and love. They are paying attention to you to search for something they may feel they lack inside. Sometimes instead of becoming vulnerable and searching for more that they lack, they lash out and get angry with you. See the haters as lovers too in a very odd way because its attention to you there is respect and love somewhere deep below the surface to whatever we are drawn to in another. We are love itself and are all trying to remember and awaken walking each other Home, as Ram Dass once said. “Home” is your spiritual source and truth inside. Back to Love out of Dualism of separation of evil and good, right and wrong that we see and judge in others.
  6. Call on your archangels you work with, Ascended masters, like Buddha and Jesus, as archetypes of Divine Love, to help you. Use their images in your mind when you call out to them or simply meditate on them. Your thought brings awareness and those energies will come more into your life. Christ consciousness is symbolized by the crown chakra, which is the divine Love consciousness level. You can study the crown chakra and work on the violet frequency within yourself to tap into your frequency of Divine Love within by using the tool of the chakra system that was left for humanity a long time ago as a ladder back to Godhood or Divine Love consciousness within.

Unit 3 Lesson 10: Emotional Field of Love

Audio version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtkKyAKraO4&feature=youtu.be

I will start this lesson off with a part from the Pleiadian Contact reports from Billy Meier about what the Pleiadians have to say about Love, and what I have always known deep inside and want to help others remember too and process their own lives through.

“Love and wisdom belong together, because Creation and Its Laws are Love and wisdom at the same time. Where there is wisdom and knowledge, there is love and cognition and where there is cognition and love, there is Creation. Growth within love and wisdom, teach the human to recognize Creation. First however, the human learns the truth, and thereby he will gain freedom and peace, a peace which is imperishable, a power without an end. Wisdom and Love both are two stimulating wings for creative essence and character. With wisdom and love, the human is a master over all creation. Wisdom and love increase his dedication for the fulfillment of the given creative-natural laws, because Spirit and Creation are one. “

The Pleiadians have much to say on love, and I too feel I can make a two hour video on just my observations and thoughts alone, but I will try to be as direct as I can. Love is very much like the concept of Beauty or Truth, in that is defined by those who look upon it and observe it. Love has infinite meanings and shapes of it. It is not just an emotion as the Pleiadians always were trying to say back in the 70s, but it an actual force of creation itself. With the knowledge from wisdom, and the dedication of service to help life spring forwards comes the essence of love.

When people have their spiritual awakening, it often is with an overwhelming feeling of rush of cosmic love that comes in and wipes away all your past tears and trauma away. The pain is washed away in sudden realization of what it all meant to experience the pain and gain understanding later. It is Love as an essence itself that opens its wings and holds you close while on earth during these times of awakening. Love can be seen through relationships with people and it can even be seen standing along when gazing at an object that may symbolize love to you. Love is also a dark forests of trees beckoning you to walk beneath their canopy. Love is also in the stars glittering above you giving you a sense you are not alone on this big ball in space. Love is heard in the crash of the waves upon a shore. Love comes through many mediums, but is always recognized in services done for others and not just the self in this world, and is even recognized across the multi universes. The higher reason is because Love itself is the expression of giving-and so whenever someone takes action to give their care, concern, a gift, a thought, a blessing to others it is part of the universal truth of Love.

Love is all there is. And everything that is not love, is love that does not recognize itself and is still in the darkness. We process Love through our emotions, and it is a high vibration, one that is the highest to feel within the body and it makes your hair stand up on end, and your eyes go teary, and even makes you smile to yourself or to others. Love is a catalyst for other worlds to be created with and new life to come forwards.

It is not Love that hurts you, but it is the perception of missing love or feeling the lack of it temporarily. It is the moment of not feeling the true self within. When love re-enters your life, then all is good and warm smiles abound, you feel whole again and at home. The trick to not move up and down on this roller coaster of love is to remember the love at the core is always there and you are never without it. This way if you lose love with someone on earth, you still feel love inside and will never feel the emptiness inside. Spiritual connection to something higher is vital to have this experience on earth.

This lesson will only be understood by the souls who are tired of the rollercoaster of Love & No Love, and wish to remain in the place of Love at all times. and experience Love from this place. This is what the 5th and 6th dimension really hold, and of course the higher dimensions expand on the idea of Love in more depth. But living from the space of Love will create a new reality in life for you. Things will happen to you and you will have hard times, but once you awaken to the love within, you will never feel like a like lost soul-you are back home with love.

Here is a excerpt from the book the Elves of Canada: How the Pleiadians Taught me to love, live and laugh again by Joel Blanchard. This is an answer given by a Pleiadian named Deybeyden who answers the question “are humans less evolved than Plejarens are?”

The answer to the question in your mind is “yes”. Plejarens predate Homo sapiens. However, human vessels have the same capacity to reveal their resident creator, and humans who encompass courage and love certainly have our most utmost respect. Humans who are courageous are able to be truthful, fearless, and love deeply. Humans who are able to love deeply are able to display the look of love, which is happiness and this happiness allows them to remain true to their genuine selves and become creators that are more impressive. Humans who allow their hearts to lead them can exist at the vibration of playfulness. They seek cooperation not competition, compassion not comparison, and can reach high levels of enlightenment if they maintain focus on such things. Deybeyden continued by saying In any case, this planet will soon receive an upgrade. As the universe itself continues to evolve, more advanced training centers are useful. Whereas the level of learning that normally takes place here is considered rudimentary to the beings already operating in the fifth or higher dimensions, this planet will soon experience a comparatively huge increase in its default level of consciousness. People’s personal levels of awareness of both themselves and surrounding energies will become heightened and they will be able to dismiss the limiting belief systems that are prevalent on Earth. As more people remove the judgements that cast shadows over their own light, the light will shine brighter here. More people will realize that it is their privilege and their responsibility to transform this reality by unswervingly making choices from their hearts. When caring decisions are routinely made, unsupportive beliefs wane. It will no longer be acceptable for humanity to keep creating unconsciously as they have been doing for thousands of years. Soon there after, it will become impossible for people to live unconsciously here as they will see, hear, and feel the truth everywhere. Perceptions will deepen and the vibrations of love and even joy will be omnipresent. People often think that love is the highest vibration..it is not. When people are in the joy in their lives, enjoying their lives, then they may choose peace for themselves and the living things around them, he said right before laughing. He continued with, “Learn to trust your feelings, your intuition. Tune into love and joy with ease. Don’t respect fearful thoughts. Cast aside your need for approval. Stop worrying what others are thinking. Be the creator you are, and stop worrying what other parts of US are doing. When you look up at the stars in the sky you, you see lights up there and you may think those lights are so very far away from me, but they are part of you. The atoms of your body were created by stars themselves. Furthermore you exist. You are existence. Everything that exists is part of existence. You are a part of everything because you are existence itself. When you witness the sun on a beautiful day, know that the beauty is an aspect of us, and nurture that beauty in yourself. The light is inside you, it has always been there. If you choose love, then love will always be present where you are. If you choose to be joyous, then joy will become an everyday part of your life. After a brief pause he said some people are going deeply inward and discovering that they are infinite. Their entire energetic and physical bodies are vibrating at such high levels of consciousness that they are becoming closer to pure energy and pure light. People who become too light for their human bodies to contain them ascend to higher planes, but most people still have some specific lessons to learn here. All of us chose to come to Earth before we were born. You decided that this is the best place for you to be right now. Learn from nature of earth itself. Invite the energies of Earth into your body by making physical contact with the surface and plants of the planet. ”

Nature is connecting back to the source of Love for the Pleiadians. So what did Deybeydan mean by saying love is not the highest vibration though we may experience it in our bodies as such? It means that there is more places and dimensions for love itself to go, and there is no limitation to the expansiveness of love itself. We, through our emotions, get a hint and a small glimmer of the beauty of existence itself-the beauty of YOU.

One of the gifts the Faerie realms, and the Fairytales of old and new give this world is the wisdom and love that is not always seen, but can be felt by the heart and cherished by children and adults alike. Fairies and all creatures within nature’s abundance stir up feelings of love, as they care for the natural world and all that are caring back towards it. JRR Tolkien was a soul very much in touch with this realm and he worked hard through the WW1 & WW2 wars on this planet to try to teach another way and show another road humanity can take. Only today do some souls understand now what Tolkien was getting at and they are the souls that have chosen the path of love and not war with others constantly, on earth.

Here is what Tolkien had to say about his understanding of love from his spiritual perspective as a Catholic and what the Pleiadians would regard as the right teachings within religion about the essence of love and existence.

“And I concluded by saying that the Resurrection was the greatest “eucatastorphe” a word coined to mean the sudden happy turn in a story which pierces you with a joy that brings tears. The Resurrection of Christ is possibly the greatest Fairy Story and produces the essential emotion. Christian joy which produces tears because it is qualitatively so like sorrow because it comes from those places where Joy and Sorrow are one, reconciled as selfishness and altruism are lost in Love. Of course I do not mean that the Gospels tell what is only a fairy story, but I do mean very strongly they they do tell a fairy story: the greatest. Man the story teller would have to be redeemed in a manner consonant with his nature by a moving story. But since the author if it is the supreme Artist and the Author of Reality ,this one was also made to Be, the be true on the Primary Plane. So that in the Primary Miracle (The Resurrection) and the lesser Christian miracles too though less, you have not only that sudden glimpse of truth behind the apparent Ananke or “serpent” of our world, but a glimpse that is actually a ray of light through the very chinks of the universe about us. “

He also said this about love from his Fellowship of the Ring book, “The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

So as you can see, Love can also even be experienced through a strong sense of spirituality and connection to a greater or higher power outside of the ego or any earthly issues on earth. Love of Love itself helped inspire Tolkien to write his fairy tales.

When a soul is awakened to love inside, love can be seen everywhere. In every blade of grass, and even through the darkness of acts on earth-not in the acts themselves, but seeing the love that was not there in that moment, and simply waiting to return upon self realization and redemption of the soul. There is a reason why scientists have discovered dogs and cats, and a few other animals have been discovered to use their eyes to communicate love to their owners-flooding your body with a release of Oxytocin that produces those love feelings within the body and mind. There may become a day soon when scientists will discover all animals and beings have this same ability.

In conclusion to this unit, you may be able to take away from this lesson, that love itself is not just the chemicals producing emotional effects on the body, but it is a response to the higher truths that shine forth in the world when you connect to the truth of who you are and being part of all existence. As you learn to love all existence within this universe including yourself, you will see it will be love itself that will weave your reality that you experience opening up more possibilities to experience greater joy possibly bringing you towards the realization that across all universes, the quest for joyful lives can be found.

The following exercises are created in order to help get you in touch with the feelings of love, but love itself is not an emotion. So keep that in mind as you go through these. They are not designed to make you love, or fall in love, but simply to help you capture or reclaim the love within and all around you already. I suggest writing your answers in a journal or just listen and reflect deeply.

  1. Let’s look at what you LOVE in life. Write down anything that you love. Try to write more than just people, but you can start there if you would like. Write down everything to recapture the moments of love you experienced or remembered. This list may be something you will like to keep with you so you can glance at it at any time in love you feel “loveless”.
  2. The next part may be harder to do, but try it anyways and write down what makes you Lovable. After your list of things you love, it is important to also look within and see the aspects that are lovable within you. Where qualities or traits can you appreciate about yourself? Go ahead and extend the same love you give to others, to yourself.
  3. Love as an emotion is connected to both the Heart chakra being open and allowing the energy of the universe to flow throughout your body and coming out of your Crown chakra . You are help unblock the heart chakra by focusing on the color Green. Walk in nature and establish a connection to everything you see around you. See all the trees and soil beneath you for you..all for you and all the beings that eat the plants and breathe the pure air. When one contemplates on nature with sincerity they often have Heart openings that allow the emotions and rush of feelings of love to be felt. If you find yourself feel like you are missing Love in your life, don’t try to look for it from others, simply go to nature and look at it deeply of all that it gives.
  4. I guess, your life long exercise that I can leave this lesson with is to learn to uncover more ways to love others and circumstances around you. Fight for what you believe in, in this world, but be lead by the love in your heart and not the ego mind that just wants to compete with others. Find ways to experience more love, by being a vessel for love itself.

I wish everyone the greatest joy experienced through moments of love and ecstasy. And the strength to carry through the hardest days on the wings of Love discover within and throughout the whole universe, in every lifetime you go through.

Unit 3 Lesson 9:Emotional Healing

audio version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCe1d8Bz1AE

This lesson is a bit different in that it comes with a direct healing message from the Pleiadian council of Light, in order to help give an advance understanding of Emotional Healing and what it truly means. I needed a group collective consciousness to help me with this one. Probably because this is one of the lessons that is the foundation of understanding and applying all the other even though I am doing it second to last of this unit.

So I will start this lesson off with a message that I must give to you at this time.

Dear brothers and sisters of Galactic origin,

The emotional pain on earth is very large energetically and it pains us greatly to see still so many suffer. Much of humanity has awakened into their spiritual power and feel as if they can handle anything that life throws at them with gratitude and hindsight afterwards. But there is still a lot of emotional suffering and for the energetically sensitive souls it can be too great to process at a time, it can be overwhelming and many depart from this world as a suicide, mentally living in a fantasy world, or by ignoring the pain felt all together numbing with drugs and alcohol. The major emotional pains on earth are actually all materially based emotions. What we mean by this is many people feel down and bad about themselves when they are not activated by spirit in life consciously, but listen to and follow earth based society. We do not want to debase humanity’s civilization by saying it is a trap, but it is to us, from our point of view of where we stand looking at you. Many humans have fallen into emotional distress based on the illusion presented in this world, not the truth of true spirit and who you are inside.

So many of you still feel badly about yourself emotionally, because you don’t reach a certain beauty standard that society in its unconscious collective has created. The beauty industry is a nightmare industry that pushes people to look their best with color and paint on their features so that they can sell more products to fulfill their own desires and goals. Also we have watched as the ideal body is pushed at unattainable and unhealthy degrees by plastic surgery and fast diets instead of adopting a steady and long term health plan that is good for the soul. So many souls have forgotten their inner beauty, this is the plain and simple truth. Part of it is not humanity’s fault, as there is both illusions and glimmers of truth here. Illusions will be seen in the entertainment world and present unhealthy suggestions to humans as trials to your own heart. It is then up to the individual to realize what is real eternally lasting happiness versus the temporary materialism put in front of them. It is not a test, with a teacher to grade you on, it is for your own spiritual advancement to overcome to move you into greater expressions of joy.

There are many emotional griefs and struggles one can feel and when it has to do with loss, this is something that takes time to heal from and grow stronger by this experience. But there is also manmade emotional griefs about the insecurity of how you look feel within your body. This is a new idea introduced into your timeline by not so benevolent forces on earth. They play the role of the “tempters” to humans in order to eventually get you to choose something greater in spirit and mind for yourself. But sadly this takes a toll on humans and they suffer so much. Part of the unhappiness of humans is in what they don’t have or what they don’t look like. It is all lack based, and this is a dangerous cycle because you can become what you were never supposed to become in the first place-fake and artificial beauty. Humans should not have such emotional suffering over the vessel you are in. Each body and face is beautiful and uniquely designed in their own way to represent the frequencies one will attract in their life. Meaning, your face and your body is meant for you naturally to attract the souls you are in contract with before coming to earth. This is why universal beauty is a myth, in the idea that beauty is subjective based on what each person deems as beautiful to look at. Beauty is also brought on emotionally and in regards to comfort and feeling like Home to a particular soul who gazes upon you. It is very true, when one person sees a weed, the other will see a rose because of what that person represents to them in personality and quality of being.

When humans focus too much on the outer beauty it causes unnecessary and unquenchable emotional suffering and the truth is it is all a grand illusion. Your consciousness inside of you when untethered to earthly things is a beautiful beacon of light and brilliance of love.

We are in your collective, and starseeds are imbued with natural healing methods so that they can help assist those other souls who have gotten lost starring at the mirror within the water, like the greek myth of Narcissus who fell in love with his reflection. We feel greatly for those souls who have gotten lost in the surface love of themselves through the use of the beauty industry, but we are really concerned about the unfair entrapment of those souls who suffer emotionally based on the materialism of this world and comparing themselves materially to it.

We urge humans to find their emotional healing through realization of what is real versus what is really not. In the grand universe, there are always reflections of the unconscious versus the conscious mind of creation. Your beauty industry, racial and ethnic division, economic systems and status ranking systems are not real-they do not exist outside of the human matrix created. They are part of the unconscious mind forgetting its true self-fast asleep. Forgetting that all souls are part of the greater consciousness together. When a human hates their body or face because it does not look like actors or actresses placed in front of them in the media and entertainment world, that is an unconscious moment that causes emotional suffering within that human. They are forgetting their unique vibrations and true beauty that resides within and forgetting about their own special imprint on this planet to focus on, as they gaze outside of themselves at others to compare themselves to.

There are many forms and layers of emotional healing. There are events and situations that happen in a lifetime that causes great suffering on an emotional level that does not have to do with comparing oneself to another. It has to do with losing something great in their life that they will miss the presence of. We the Pleiaidians, understand your suffering so much, we use to see death this way and we used to experience life as a struggle, but as your older brothers and sisters now, we can honestly tell you that a time is coming in humanity where death will not be seen as a loss, but more as a great cycle of life and those who pass on will be remembered and honored fondly, but they will not be the cause of great emotional suffering in humanity’s life. No more dark and black burial ceremonies as a species advances to see what death really is. In some cultures in the past, wives used to throw themselves on the graves on their husbands and lose all sense of life within them, pining away for years in grief and losing on valuable life experiences to have next, that only in this lifetime they can understand as reincarnated souls. Today, loss and grief is by far one of the hardest things to go through, but humans are moving into the next phase of spiritual understanding and will start to graciously accept death as part of the cycle rather than an enemy that takes people away from them. We as Pleiadians know that our loved ones live on in our hearts and mind, and when there is a death there is a celebration of their life. We do not mourn, for we know we will see them again once again. Anything that you love and have loved, will come back to you in another form and you will recognize it within the next lifetime. We promise you this. Our level of clair cognizance has told us this wisdom and it is something many humans are waking up to.

What we encourage next is for humanity to release their bonds to the earthly society realms that keeps you trapped in emotional suffering and takes a toll of your spiritual development. We promise when everyone awakens to what is more real in society versus what is placed in front of you as falsehoods and illusions to recognize, there will become less emotional suffering and more time for playing and enjoying the life experience. Emotional suffering is something that is shed as you go up in spiritual dimensions, because you realize the ethereal body is eternal and unmatched in beauty to all material comparison. Each of you is a unique spark of the divine, and you all radiate and shine differently but brilliantly. We see so much of your beauty and it pains us deeply many of you have not seen it yet. But we understand this journey of the soul and we watch from higher grounds down below at a civilization that is remembering its origin and then its true potential as we once did.

We are with you always and eternally by your side~ The Pleiadians.

End of Transmission


This all being said the Pleiadians are simply watching out for humanity’s best interest. They easily see the core of the human suffering and I believe they are right. I know as a starseed, I went through this period of time of forgetting my own true beauty inside as I compared myself constantly to others outside and it did cause a lot of pain. I understand a future civilization that does not run in this way as you grow to become a soverign being you focus on yourself and what more you can do to create, not so much care what you look like in soceity standards.

I will say there is a HUGE difference in the idea of self expression that I believe in. I believe you can use makeup, clothes and body modifactions as a form of self expression of what you feel inside, but the problem and the reason why the Pleiadians felt so much pain in society from humans is when people are altering themselves to cover up for insecurities and really need to emotionally heal.

The secret to self expression of the outside, is to first heal emotionally on the inside. You need to get to a point where you don’t care what you look like and you do it for you, to blaze forth like the unique spark of the divine that you are and express yourself because of that. Not because you are trying to look like someone else or keeping up with the society beauty standards. Just follow your heart and your emotional suffering will always be less when it comes to the manmade emotional pain we sometimes invest our time in feeling.

When it comes to dealing with abuse, pain from loss of breakups or deaths, these are all emotional traumas that do affect the body as well as the mind. The best advice I can give is to process through them all. They are all meant to be felt and experienced. Feelings energetically move like water and so when you plug them up within you, they can not flow freely and you will become blocked in your chakra areas which energetically represents the flow of life/chi/prana energy within you that keeps you conscious and awake as a creative force on earth, rather than subservient and sleep walking in society. When you sit with your emotions and look at them and examine them from different angles you learn how to accept them, and then look at them with new eyes. This is what it means to truly heal. The pain will be there, but it will be replaced with a greater wisdom to know that all these events happened for a reason in your life and you always had the strength to move past them into a grander expansion of the self.

The following exercises will help you more with emotional healing and techniques to help you. I suggest writing your answers down in a journal so you can refer to them in the future or just listen to them and think deeply and reflect.

  1. Let’s start at the material emotional suffering brought on by society and the unconscious collective. Is there anything you can personally shed right now to advance spiritually into your true self? Are you finding yourself compare your money, status, face and your body to others a lot? Does it cause you pain to feel you can never look like them or live up to a body standard? Write down some of these thoughts so you can look at them specifically. I know this may be painful, but I promise after you really examine this illusion and falsehood in your life, you will heal from this material emotional suffering. If you do not suffer emotionally in this way, then I congratulate you and wish you to continue on your journey into a greater awareness of who you are and discovering your true beauty! If you feel you still suffer in this way, stay with me and move onto the next step.
  2. Now look at this list you made of things that pain you when you think of the material suffering. Look at the money part first if you wrote that down. Are you emotionally suffering because you don’t have enough? Write a time when you gained money next to it. I want you to see how money comes and goes, it is in constant flow and moves with you as you create and use your skills and talents on earth. Money is not permanent and even billionaires find they lose it easily through investments or just natural spending. How can you stop comparing your money situation to others, and start to focus on how you can either create more using your talents or learn to be happy with less? A really beautiful idea coming into the human collective is the idea of minimalism, and so if you find yourself comparing yourself to others who are more wealthy, start to see the abundance of not having so much. You are making less of a carbon imprint of earth this way with less things. You are living more simply and organized without so much stuff. Hoarders are the opposite of you, where they physically have to surround themselves with so much to showcase their wealth or lack of it, a minimalist happy with less is enjoying the feelings of abundance of joy and peace in having less but more cleaner and neater spaces. Try to change your perspectives on money and you will find emotional healing in this aspect.
  3. Still looking at that list, is it status or power that causes emotional pain in you? Are you just not in a position in society where you want to be? Does it cause emotional pain in this way to you? Emotional pain is an indicator to look at something, something needs attention and dealing with. Anything that has to do with your higher potential reached professionally on earth is something you can look at. If it is power and status that you want then go for it, how can you move up in your company, how can you use your gifts and unique personality to get you there? But just consider this idea as well as you think about this and write some things down. What really constitutes power in this world? When you look at some of the most powerful and wealthiest people are they well liked by others? Do they seem truly happy in life? When you have it, you find out that power and status that you may compare to not have to others in the world is something you didn’t really want in the first place. Something that you can have at any level of power, position or status in this world is good experiences, with surrounding yourself with good people to be with and enjoy company of. Also a feeling of inner peace and connection to the natural world is something money can not buy, it can only be felt in the heart. So now look at your list and try to see if power and status in life is something you can cross off, realizing you all already have an inner power inside and it doesn’t matter what society thinks or where they rank you. it is just another illusion for you to move past to discover the real you.
  4. Now the hard part of emotional suffering for many who suffer today from body dysmorphia and are comparing themselves to others physically. This may take some time and I can not do the work for you, but I can give some guidance in this area to discover your true beauty. When it comes to body health and shape, this is something you can ask yourself, are you putting the best things in your body to create your most optimal shape and health? If you are not, then you can immediately start to emotionally heal the etheric and physical dimensions of yourself by doing things to get yourself into better shape and health. When you eat better, you feel better emotional. That is a fact because what you eat energetically has a connection to how you later feel about yourself as you put on excess body weight and have unclear skin. Put the right about of veggies, fruits, and nuts into your diet and you will help with the emotional suffering. Exercise to get the flow of the life force moving through your veins, try not to be too sedentary where you sit all day. Move around and this helps emotionally in many ways. Mind Body Soul Connection. If you are emotionally suffering over body issues, then work on healing from inside, and then the outside will reflect this inner healing and you will be at your best potential for your physical vessel that holds your brilliant consciousness within. If you feel you have done all you can health wise, then the next phase is to learn to embrace your unique shape and looks. See the body as a shell, but learn to find the beauty in it as you chose it before birth. When you can match the consciousness to the body, you will feel no longer at war and everything will just flow. You will realize why you look like you do and why you came to earth in this form in the first place. You will learn how to work with it and use it as a beautiful form of self expression in all shapes and sizes, that represents the diversity of this universe. How can you express the beauty of your unique shape and form in this world more?
  5. But if you are still finding yourself to comparing your features to others, this is something diet nor exercise can help. You must look beyond what you see are flaws and start to see them as unique parts of yourself. Like a tree has ridges, holes and not one tree looks alike, that is the way a human is. And each tree is beautiful. You are going to have to learn to embrace your unique beauty and see your features as unique points of light and vibrations to aid in the collective experience. It may take some time to do this. but I highly recommend to contemplate on nature and the unique, raw and sometimes ugliness of it that is still very appreciated and seen for its natural beauty. You can use makeup to enhance your features, but I caution people to want to mask or cover over them too much. When you put on your makeup you should still look like you. Because what starts to develop is a split psyche in your consciousness of the “fake” you versus the real you. I want you to see those two as the same you, but enhanced. So be careful with makeup is all I can say. Try to find your beauty FIRST without using it and then you can use it without being attached or having a co-dependent relationship to makeup as many have developed which causes emotional suffering. I have an exercise I want you to do today, go look in the mirror for 5 minutes and write down all the unique features your see. Don’t focus on the negative, because the negative is always something that can be overcome. Build a relationship with seeing the true inner beauty of yourself and it will not cause suffering of what your outside looks like.
  6. the emotional healing of non material suffering such as loss of a pet, people, or break ups and losing friends, or just change in general in life. This is the emotional healing that takes time because it is invested as an energy in your personal growth. It is amazing to see that with loss, comes a gain of spirit and strength based on personal experiences. See those who leave you as always with you in spirit and then work to move on in joy and celebration of their life. This is hard to do, but I can only say it takes time and a lot of patience with yourself to move day by day into a brighter future. Try to infuse the loved ones energy into yours so that you consciously hold them within you, but you physically can let them go into their next adventure within this universe. Let go with love, and you will find emotional healing in the softness of love’s eternal embrace. Give yourself a lot of personal time to heal and process through emotions without denying them or repressing them. Find ways to honor them in your life and your next adventures and just always have in the back of your mind, that you will see them again, just like the Pleiadian council could guarantee. Know that with loss, there comes the energetic balance of gain in the universe and you will gain another relationship or simply just life wisdom after experiencing loss in life. Emotional Healing comes through the process of realization of what this loss was really about.
  7. Emotional healing from others being mean or abusive towards you is a bit like dealing with grief. You need to learn how to let go of their attachment to you energetically. When someone is mean to you without any reason, it is more about them than it is about you. The Pleiadian way of dealing with their energy is to detach from it emotionally so it does not cause you any suffering. You have every right to a happy and carefree life and if this friend, lover, or stranger doesn’t treat you right, then you have every right to recognize it and walk away from the situation. The moment you say no to abuse is the moment you emotionally heal. The spirit is never damaged or touched by another, but it is the emotions that process through the stages of learning and then growth. Your growth is vital on your learning to not let mean and cruel remarks matter too much to you, and to fight through it. To remain the good person you are, even when others are tempting you to become just like them and stoop to their level dimensionally. Be the bigger person and walk away from abuse and cruelty from others. Do not let yourself suffer another day because of them. let go with Love and not hate, and you will detach from them energetically and start the process of emotional healing that will make you stronger day by day you go through it.
  8. Lastly, this is for everyone on earth. Drink more water, bathe in streams, walk in the rain, and replenish your bodies and minds with the essence of water. Water is a spiritual substance as well as physical, and it is what most of your bodies is made up of. Never forget the healing power of water. Emotional healing is done through the awareness and conscious choice to infuse more water energy into your life. It aides in the emotional flow of acceptance and growth in your life. Write down some ways you can bring more water energy into your life-physically, mentally, and spiritually. Water is the essence of healing and works well with all other elements to bring life cycles forwards. Use water in your life consciously as a healing factor to restore and replenish, bringing you into new opportunities of experience.

I wish you all the very best in process of this information and that each of you find less emotional suffering that you feel is uncontrollable or makes you feel helpless or void of all hope. Without pain there is no gain, but remember you have control over how much pain your choose to allow yourself to experience on earth. May you all have a life full of more peace and joy.

Unit 3 Lesson 8: Apathy Or Repression of Emotions

Audio version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0pGQpaIKAE

Hate is not really the opposite of love, in the idea that hate is sometimes just one step away from love you may have realized in the last lesson. All it takes is a transformative moment of understanding, compassion and realization to go from hating a person to not.

But what happens when you don’t have any feelings about someone’s well being, humanity’s at large or even your own, and you feel just numb inside?

Something far more dangerous in the world than the emotion of hate is actually Apathy. Apathy is a feeling of loss of motivation in life, and a feeling like you are emotionless or can’t react emotionally to something that you should normally be affected by. Whereas the fires of hate, can be soothed with the waters of love, with apathy, it is up to the person to awake within themselves by some moment of allowing themselves to feel something within. It’s a known trait of serial killers, narcissists, and sociopaths and those who do unspeakable crimes, and sadly a symptom of many illnesses that affects the mind and nervous systems such as Alzheimer’s disease, brain trauma, even depression. It is the trait that is often talked about in the dystopian futures of a tyrant trying to create in everyone scientifically so that peace is reached. But at what price? Always in these movies, it shows that the lack of feeling is what drives the human experience towards joy, no matter what the emotions may be. The conflict between robots and humans is that since robots do not have the ability to feel through their wires and metal bits, humans feel that robots would show apathy and eventually not care to take over them in a robot revolution.

The reason why I included it in the Emotion Unit of teachings from the Pleiades, is to bring awareness to a reason why some beings do what they do and to understand not only your fellow earth beings who may act emotionless at times, but also those who are not from earth who do the things they do to humans and animals right now.

Although, feelings of numbness or no feelings that is described as apathy can be experienced through illness as a mind defense mechanism to help the body, it also can be brought on by consistent denial of your emotions over time. A form of Denialism of feelings can take place within a being and over a very long evolutionary period time in a species, a whole species can become apathetic towards others and themselves.

Now you may know why some alien beings have been able to do what they do to humans and animals without a care. Taking them in the middle of the night and using them for experiments and leaving the bodies drained of blood and vital organs, to have farm animals littered on the ground of rural areas. Or how some humans have had negative experiences and wish they never were abducted by aliens, that did not seem to care too much about them. In many ways the way humans treat animals in the food industry is a direct reflection of apathy already a part of the collective towards animals. The questions arise about how to make sure that apathy does not take over a race.

We learned in the lesson on the Greys, they are humanoids that represent a future of humans that could alter themselves genetically so much that they cause a mutation and evolve to the point where they no longer can have children on their own, or look different from one another. They represent a possible future timeline of some humans that forget what it is to be human and look towards science to transform them. Part of the trait of apathy towards humans in the Greys is it is a genetic mutation on trying to eliminate pain. They believed a long time ago that science could cure the pain of childbirth, and emotional suffering in this world through drugs and then later mutating the DNA strands of emotional make up of the human being. They thought that they would be helping themselves by not feeling pain any more, they could become unstoppable and more successful as a species. However now they are correcting mistakes of their past and are within the collective as they are, to act as a warning to humans now. This future could be subtly linked today to the idea of having medicine or drugs try to neutralize your emotions, both over the counter prescriptions as well as illegal street ones that take away the pain temporarily of people. But here we are reminded that it is a temporary high and numbness, and when they come down the life situations and challenges still exist. Denying your problems or numbing them through drugs and alcohol do not make them go away.

Apathy can also be something that happens in a personality that focuses on the outer world of successes, looks, materialism too much out of balance with the realization of what really matters deep inside one’s self. Even technology can be a big part of this because it is your mind focused on the net world instead of the one you walk on at times. There are many cases where psychologists are seeing a rise in apathetic nature towards one another and the obsession with technology can be the culprit. Because you are desensitized to real world problems as they happen in front of a screen, instead of to you. Only when you are in the actual event are you forced to feel those feelings associated with it. Trolls and cyber bullies have an apathetic nature towards others they hurt online, because they hide behind a screen instead of real connection with a person.

When you move only from your head, you are not engaging the heart that is where apathy can step in and become your friend. But when the heart is not engaged, you will feel something missing in life as you are not balanced emotionally moving only from the head and not engaging the heart.

To seek for apathy is to try to avoid pain, but the wise thing to remember would be know you can not come to feeling joy by avoiding pain. There is the idea of consciously pushing down your feelings everyday by telling yourself subconsciously they are damaging to let them go and feel and will hurt you more. This repression of emotions hardly ever works in life, but in some cases it creates monsters in society that have done horrible things to others such as serial killers and terrorists that seemed like they lacked any emotions to hurt innocent people, and it is because they did. They created a state of apathy within themselves to survive the pain they went through in life. Mostly in childhood, teenage or adult life they experienced years of abuse and trauma. They did not go through the normal process of letting go, healing and forgiving to move on, and instead repressed their feelings of anger and sadness.

Apathy can create monsters that do things that seem heartless, but it also can just make you feel numb for a certain period of time in your life. It is one of the stages or phases of going through grief, as protection or self defense mechanism within the mind. I know personally after losing my mother at a young age, I experienced an emotional numbness of apathy for a few months. I did not want to face the pain, and remembered pushing away my feelings, scared to let them go. However, for me as a highly emotional being, that did not work and eventually all my feelings came out at once in a cleansing rush of tears and screaming at the top of my lungs. Sometimes those moments of letting go can be controlled and held back depending on how much pain and the will power of the individual who wishes to not feel that pain.

Feeling apathetic towards another is a moment of energetic rest within you. You are not reaching your energy towards others, and you feel as if you are not “vibrating” within which causes the feeling of numbness. This is represented in an earthly element not being watered and so it is dry. On dry earth, plants can not grow. You are experiencing a drought within yourself and it stops all life being brought forwards until the waters come. Water symbolizes the element of emotion both within the body as well as outside in the spiritual and esoteric wisdom. For not all tears are an evil as Tolkien remarked in a famous line in his stories, but a heart warming blessing, a sign that you are alive and that life can spring forwards from your emotions-no matter how painful they are. You must feel all range of emotions to get to feelings of bliss and joy. Apathy is a stripping of joy and bliss from life.

Those who experience apathy due to disease and illness, is a moment of relief from other bodily pain they go through. This lesson is not about that. Your doctor will know how to help you with feelings of numbness brought on by a disease. But the people I can help are those who have consciously decided to push down their feelings to protect themselves. I am here to wake you up to the logic and reason, that it doesn’t work and it will never make you happy.

How you deal with pain is to understand it, and move through it with courage and allow yourself to cry and feel. Then one day or even a few minutes later after the tears, you are renewed and can now go forth in life and move on to the next experience after dealing with that anger or sadness within. To make yourself numb emotionally is never the answer to deal with your problems that exist on a very real level and still will be there until you face them.

Apathy in the universe can create beings that take control of others for their amusement and want of power. They don’t think of anyone except how to preserve their own place of power, it isn’t about their joy because of their apathy towards themselves, it is about their devotion to making themselves feel powerful outside of emotions- so physically with wars to grab resources and acquire control over others to perpetuate the false sense of control they are looking for.

The future can be opposite of apathetic where we are more empathic towards one another, where we can feel one another’s feelings and act not so selfish when it comes to making sure other people are happy too within their emotions.

When a species devotes themselves to experience of all emotions and does not try to make themselves apathetic, they will experience the beauty of what it means to be alive. To feel is to experience and when a person has a spiritual awakening they realize that consciousness began in order to feel every moment life has to offer through the whole range of emotions available.

The following exercises will help you be aware of apathy creeping into your life, and what you can do to heal from it. I suggest writing your answers down in a journal so you can refer to them in the future or just listen to them and think deeply and reflect.

  1. First to combat apathy, you need to be aware you are in a state of numbness. Write down in your journal if you can think of any time where you did not display emotions for yourself or for others. There is a difference to keeping things down to be strong in the moment, from feeling “nothing” inside. Don’t judge it, just try to be aware of it.
  2. Now within those moments of apathy, write down WHY you think you may have felt numbness there. Where you hurt? scared to feel? trying to hide from yourself? Look deeper at the situation and try to remember what it was that caused that.
  3. Now realize how you can feel more joy through processing those emotions and overcoming them that way. Write down a way you could have handled the situation better and then do that next time. Be responsible with your emotions and allow yourself the chance to feel and feel for others.
  4. The secret to not being apathetic is to cultivate empathy, and the way one can activate it is by practicing the art of placing yourself within the consciousness of another person and feeling what they feel. Next time you get into a fight with someone, take 5 deep breaths before responding and transport yourself into their situation. Try to understand their perspective and where they are coming from. This will be the way to help ease the emotional pain, by coming from a place of understanding for yourself and for others.
  5. One of things that helps feelings of numbness is to evoke feelings. Go watch a heart lifting or emotionally moving movie, or read a book. Sometimes when you experience so much beauty in nature it can move you to tears. if you are experiencing numbness then it may be time to go for a nice nature walk and be renewed in this way by moving from the heart charka to feel.
  6. Music is a way to activate you if feeling numb. Music carries the vibrations to help move you energetically if at a state of rest and not vibrating which is what apathy is doing to the body. Next time you feel emotionless and you feel frustrated with that, turn on some music and it will help move you and evoke your emotions you have deep inside allowing them to come to the surface.
  7. To get out of a feeling of numbness is to be patient with yourself, and to give yourself permission to feel. You have every right to feel as you do. You can be wiser in how you display them if you are concerned how emotional outbursts make you look, but remember everyone has emotions whether they deny them or not. Don’t feel shame for how you feel, process through them and you will eventually heal from them.

Unit 3 Lesson 7: The Destructive Emotion of Hate

Audio version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUrgZ-FRfIw&t=11s

“He hates her”. “I hate him”. “I hate them”. “I hate you”. “I hate myself.” At some point in time you probably have muttered these words or said them out loud, more so when younger than older, but I will get into that. Hate has a cosmic purpose to the Pleiadians and it’s ultimate purpose is to be eventually transformed into Love through awareness of the self.

Hate has the full potential energy to destroy things and people, and equals no growth on its own as an emotion, as people sit and hate one another, stewing in their own emotions of hate and resentment. This is the emotion that drives people to attack and harm one another in the world. We have seen examples of hate through war, and horrible crimes against humanity that one group has done to another. Hate is seen fostering the hangings, torture and burnings of people through out history. Unaware and unfocused hate has no limits to the evil it can do in the world and multiverse. It has even been known to destroy planets and homes, by one alien race to another.

But WHAT is hate really? Peel back all its layers, and it becomes an ambiguous fog and sometimes it can turn into Love over time with new perceptions and discovery. So what is hate on a cosmic level from the Prime Source of consciousness that we stem from? It’s answer may make you never actually hate ever again.

Hate is the product of unawareness and the inability to see oneness with another. It is the ultimate illusion maker and separator from wholeness, that divides minds. It is the “agent” emotion in the matrix of a physical world that keeps the collective asleep. People hate what they don’t understand, or gives them a surface irritation on their ego and psyche. The proof of it is if both sides really peered into the souls of one another, learned about their insecurities and fears together, discovered what happened in life to program their mind to act the way they did-they would not hate one another. Understanding leads to not hating a person or yourself.

Carl Jung was right with this quote: Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

At first and right now at this moment you may feel resistance to this information and, you may say “no, I really hate ________ type of people or a person for this _____ reason. Your mind is focused on the other person’s outside actions instead of looking through them to the person and inside of your own self as well. We discover through a process of self reflection and realization that we actually don’t hate the person, we just are upset at their choices they are making and how they are acting.

Can you blame someone asleep in their own awareness and consciousness of self interest only? When you realize where people are in life, because of their own past trauma or events, you start to let go of that hate inside and it may even turn to love. This is the transformer part to it, it is love that ultimately comes in to take over, but it was hate that destroyed the old you to replace it with something new and much more awakened.

What about terrorists or past crimes against humanity done out of hate on earth, such as the lynchings of the KKK, that specifically target groups of people out of hate? or shooting of certain places in public as clearly an act of anger and hate? It is all done out of ignorance and through the subjective perspective only. It is not a act of conscious reflection, it is an act of unconscious ignorance. That is why we regard those who demonstrate acts of hate in hateful ways towards others as being selfish. There is not a single moment of empathy or understanding flowing through the brain as a conscious being at that moment. They have no awareness of unity within them. Hate divides parts from the whole. When hate rules your life, it takes over the brain and divides you from the other-from the rest. You are alone, and isolated far from your fellow beings until you awaken yourself out of hate and let it go. It is a toxic emotion that over time causes health problems and makes a person turn bitter and cold.

Hate has the ability to be an inspiration to some groups to hold onto as fire within them who are interested in tearing down old systems like religion, or government in the world. I won’t go too far into exposing these groups in the world, but the alchemy symbol for fire is an upwards pointing triangle. So while these groups believe Hate is their justified fuel behind their movement, it is a dangerous element on its own to play with towards change. Fire destroys, so that the new can be rebuilt, but you must have water, earth and air to nurture the growth after the ashes.

Mature souls or Old Souls, are those who ultimately have awakened out of hate and realize what it really is. They do not hate others, they simply understand them and can decide if they want someone in their life or not. It is not a matter of holding onto toxic feelings, but to acknowledge that there is something in that person you don’t like-you examine it and ask yourself why and if it comes back to a realization about yourself then that was the growth needed. This is how mature souls deal with emotion of hate, they don’t let it sit within them for too long without transformation.

Often children and those who play the role of the younger souls in this collective say they hate others a lot. When a child says, “I hate you mommy!”. It does not mean that child had a deep reflection about life and who you are as a mother in this existence. They are mad in the moment and want what they want at that time. You hurt them or angered them. You are not giving what they desire to them, and children are in the stages of being selfish before they expand outwards to connect to other minds as they grow into adults. As soon as the child gets what it wants or has a sudden realization within, they then say “ I love you mommy.” instead. The nature of Hate is not solid and permanent, but is temporary and can be transformed into something new with new perspectives opening up within you. It is energy, and all energy can be transformed.

Anger is the fuel for hatred and over time when anger is not dealt with and repressed, it can turn into hatred. Parents need to be good to their children and never abuse them as a rule for progressive soul evolution, because over time that pain will turn into resentment, then anger and finally hatred. Hatred has a way of coming out in terrible ways when there is past pain that started its root. Hate does not come from a vacuum of space, it comes from a small seed of frustration, ignorance, anger and pain. Find the core of this within you, and you will learn why you hate someone or something so much. Heal that. Give yourself that gift to let go of that emotion and only use it for a tool for your transformation.

How do deal with someone you hate?

You can try to reach out to those you hate with friendship or grace, but don’t be surprised if they are not ready to see the light you want to share just because they are not there yet while you had your realization. On the other side, be prepared for the transformation within you, to transform them too. This is the moment hate turns into friendship and love. As your understanding nature melts the walls between you and and another soul. You merge with them consciousness wise and feel what they feel, and see life from their perspective. A true friendship and unity is shared. You can not hate a thing or person you truly understand and see from all angles as having parts of you within it too.

What about Self Hate?

Self hate is a form of unawareness towards the self. You don’t recognize yourself as a divine being of consciousness with the ability to create in this world. You hate yourself because you can not get in touch with the subconscious that is tapped into through the intuition. Self hate is another form of sleep states of being, and you can only come out of it through a process of discovery and learning while living your life. The first step towards discovering self love is a healing of the whole cosmos. When you start to love you for your ups and downs, flaws and assets you truly heal the universe inside you and your reality will change to start to experience more love around you and in your world.

This is why it is imperative that all souls on earth rids itself of hate through self awareness and process of healing, because it will birth the new earth full of love and understanding of one another. There we can have a new vision together and truly experience the unity in the material world, that we share in the spirit or energetic one. Humanity can be and will continue to be a diverse world with so many unique perspectives, opinions, life stories, and soul journeys to look at and discover within one another. But a planetary species that has evolved into wiser and understanding beings, will be able to express their diversity in a new found way that leads to everyone’s authentic joy and bliss and freedom.

The following exercises will help you to transform your past or present hate into understanding and even love. This has worked for me as someone who doesn’t hate others as I grew up into who I am today, and instead sees through them to their pain and their states of mind. With all my love, I pass down this wisdom to you and to reaffirm some thoughts you may have had about hate. I suggest writing your answers down in a journal so you can refer to them in the future or just listen to them and think deeply and reflect.

  1. It is good to acknowledge right now, if there is any hate inside of you before we move on to transformation. You came to this lesson for a reason, and it may do you some good to cleanse and heal of this toxic emotion inside that is stopping you from feeling a sense of unity with all. So write down people or things you hate in the world. Make sure you say it out loud, to really figure out and feel the anger within you to cause this hatred over time. Take a moment to write down everyone’s name or a thing in this world you feel hatred towards. As scary as this exercise sounds, I promise you, you will feel so much better afterwards.
  2. Now take that list and if it is a person, I want you to write three words next to their names: Past, Present and Future. I want you to not think about yourself, but to project your mind into the life of the person you hate, write down their KNOWN past to you. For an example, if you know this person lost a father, or grew up a certain way-write it down. It is important for you to acknowledge their past here. Now do that for their present situation, try to find out as much as you can about the person you hate right now-how are they living? Do you see them behind closed doors? Do you see them crying or in pain? Do you see them laughing with their loved ones? Did something happen to them, that may have caused them to act out in a certain way that caused you to hate them? Write about their present KNOWN to you. Now lastly, add the Future: This is about your relationship to them-what do you see in the future with this person you hate? Write down what you would like to do with them reflecting on their past and present situation known to you. Answers can look like: leave them be, talk to them and make friends, apologize for things I said to them, end the relationship. You decide what your future looks like with this person. The goal would be not to lash out at them, but to take a look at what you want with this relationship and from it. There be a chance that you don’t actually know anything about a person you hate-acknowledge this and then you can move on. If it is a thing you hate, look towards the mind who first started it in the world, and repeat the first steps to understand where this hateful idea came from and the future idea would be what would you like to do about to change it.
  3. Let’s look at the evidence of love turning into hate, and hate turning into love over time. Write down any awareness you have of the transitions in your life from one energy to another. How did this transformation take place? What triggered it? Becoming aware of this process, makes you understand it is a law of the universe, and not a random event that may not ever happen again. You ALWAYS have the power to transform hate into love, with love- and love is really a conglomerate of self awareness, understanding, unity, friendship, compassion, empathy, selflessness, and creativity.
  4. Next is one of the most difficult exercise I will probably ever give out meant for the courageous souls ready for a new adventure, is to look at the parts of yourself you hate and see in another person. Heal self hate which is a process that can take some time days to years even depending on what level you are in touch with your own emotions, but if you feel you hate someone right now then try to take a look at what is it about yourself that you hate and what they may be reflecting or you projecting onto another. What is it that you hate about yourself? How can you transform this to love and acceptance finally to let that toxic emotion go inside of you. Be patient and give this to yourself, you deserve it as the life giving universe itself.
  5. Go into nature with the goal to look for examples of Hate. Do you see it anywhere at all in nature? Animals eat one another, but not out of hate-but out of need to survive or territory established. Look at plants, flowers and all parts of the elements, animals all around you…do you see hate anywhere there? Reflect on this observation for awhile and then write a poem or have a little celebration ritual, as you come to the realization that becoming one with nature and understanding it at its core, is to let go of all hate within, and to be the love and light giving person you may desire to be.

Unit 3 Lesson 6: High Vibrations of Heaven and Angelic Realms

Audio version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbSEtC0-UvE&feature=youtu.be

Often people chase joy and look for happiness as it is the goal in life, when in actuality it is the reward. High emotions you may feel are far more than just emotional experience they are portals to the heavenly realms you can feel.

The high vibrations of emotions not only set your heart a flutter with happiness and you feel you can skip or dance around with joy inside, but energetically you start to speed up your cells and everything in your body moves faster. It has the power to repair and heal the body within. New growth and healing takes place as the cells repair themselves and a healthier you emerges. This speeding up will cause you to start to rise above the world and its issues mentally. You will shine and glow to those also able to be at the same frequencies. You will then be in the world, but not part of it. Not part of the drama or the messes others are making in their own states of unawareness. You have choices to lower yourself or remain up high, but you are now in full control of as much suffering you want to experience and how much joy too.

What are the high emotions that give you this power? love, joy, bliss, peace, tranquillity, contentment, happiness, excitement, playfulness, lightheartedness, curiosity to learn more, a fulfillment like nothing lacks in your life and creativity. People all over the world at different levels of consciousness can feel these emotions, but they may be fleeting and felt only for a a day or so. Yet, after a soul has worked to evolve past the hellish realms of emotions its ego drags it to, and then lives in purgatory until the light hits them that leads them to their transformation. After their transformation, they grow wings and are then free to soar and start to explore the heavenly realms mentally. Because their mind will be transformed where negative thoughts will be few and far between, they can experience happiness for much longer. Higher vibrations of emotions are the reward of self actualization and discovering this place within. That is why it was always hinted at that the Kingdom of Heaven is Within.

That is why Self Love is so important, you must learn how to love yourself in your duality of shadow and light, and flaws and assets, of masculine and feminine, of wrong and right. You must learn to see them as all part of the journey to have and it makes you an unique creator. The higher emotions that come in after these realizations will be true bliss, inner peace, and contentment. These are far more longer lasting high vibrations that will change your world experience. You will still see the evil in the world with a discerning understanding, and you will know how to deal with it and handle it. No longer a victim to the world, but an active participant in changing it or designing your life as you please. Bad things may happen to you, but it is the power of preparation and being ready for anything that makes you almost invincible. Even death can not touch you or make you afraid, because you know your true spirit of creation within. You are willing to go when it is time, and you understand the grand cycles of life both in nature and people.

Because all things are within you, and you within it, your reality will start to change as you take on the role of a truly happy person inside, you will have the courage and carefree nature to do as you please, without caring what society thinks or others judge you as. To stay in these higher vibrations, your actions must not impede on another soul and you can not harm another. The reason is the moment you harm another, you fall back down into a guilty conscience which lowers your vibrations. It is ok if this happens, there are no forever mistakes in the universe, only learning and growing. But it is important to tell you that when you harm another intentionally, you are not in the higher vibrations and it will take time to heal and forgive yourself, and to work on amends with the person or towards the whole world until you get back to that higher frequency to live on again.

In other worlds and in other dimensions of the multi-verse, there are worlds that operate at these high vibrations and that is why most can not see them. The Seelie Court (those who do no harm) Faeries and Elves, and Angels are a lot like this with their energies. To see them, they have to lower their vibrations for you to have the experience to see them, but naturally and on their own, they vibrate at extremely high frequencies and sometimes you can catch sight of them with a flash of light, or a soft light that is vague and shimmery or they are transparent that is because the atoms are moving so fast, they are at a gaseous state of matter-it will seem like air to you, but to them they are very real and live real lives back where they come from. These alien and dreamy faerie realms are where you can evolve towards when your vibrational rate inside reaches high enough, you will join them. In the next life, you may find yourself living amongst them after earth or even before you came to earth.

When a soul comes from a higher vibrational consciousness state into the earth, they will feel very lost and alien and the world will seem to be very harsh to them because of the duality that exists here of the lowest vibrations all the way to the high. This world will feel it is moving too slow and progress is not fast enough, because everything inside is energetically sped up. Of course there are many times a soul like this can get “down” from being in this world. You can get out of this depression and wanting to escape this earth when you wake to your mission or purpose for coming to earth. Many souls like that are here to help harness the energy of these higher realms and bring them to earth to help assist other souls. You came here for a reason and a type of mind experience to have. Starseeds, Faerie souls, Elven souls, and Earth Angels the world is calling to you, there are many lessons to learn and discover, as well as the love and magic you come from, to spread around.

Nature is the high vibrational mirrors on earth of the whole Cosmos. Nature itself vibrates very highly, but we can experience them here for us to see. They are what reminds us of our purest self and form with no ego. In a world of all sorts of problems and ego issues, there is nature to look to that resonates with the frequency of inner light. When you eat more of the plants, you are taking that light frequency into your body and it helps you to keep those vibrations higher within. Meat can lower your vibrations and make you feel sluggish energetically even, so keep that in mind when deciding to raise your own frequency of happiness, if that is your goal.

Aiming to live a life and doing all you can to raise your vibrations consciously will increase the frequency rate of experiences of joy and magic. You will feel as if life is a dream and you are its dream maker to do as you please, without any ill intentions towards others around you because you lack nothing inside you.

The following exercises will help speed up your vibrations within that will ultimately change your experience of life. I suggest writing your answers down in a journal so you can refer to them in the future or just listen to them and think deeply and reflect.

  1. Sometimes on earth, we don’t really appreciate the times we feel happy as we focus a lot on the times we are not. Let’s capture these moments and help you discover what makes you happy. Write down some of the happiest moments of your life…what triggers them?
  2. Now in what way can you have more of these moments more frequently? Maybe you need to see those people who made you happy or go back to that place and space you remember? What ways can you increase the frequency of joy and happiness on that list you just made?
  3. A big part of this is not caring what the world thinks while they create what they want to, and just keep going with your own creations. When you are not self conscious of how others feel about you, it can really make you live the life you always have wanted. Let’s check with this by checking off these questions: Are you living the life you have always wanted? Are you concerned what others think of you? Are you feeling trapped by someone who may not approve of the real you? It is important to realize these thoughts are anchors and they hold you down, so let them go or try to discover how to let them go to be yourself. You are here, all of you are here to be the best version of yourself in every single lifetime and to expand on that. Your life long exercise will be to work on not caring what others think about you, while still being kind and not causing any harm to others.
  4. Ok Faeries, Angelics, Starseeds or mixes of all soultypes….let’s get you back on track to higher vibrations if you have been feeling down by earth’s drama lately. I know you are sensitive to it. I am too. Yes, earth is a tough place, but only the toughest and strongest souls can experience a life here. You are here to bring back the immaterial and unseen to the world again that has become too material and dense-the lower vibrations rule this place right now because people have forgotten their pure spirit within. You are here to harness that energy inside of you, remember where you came from and shine it outwards in every day actions or big creations you create. Let your wings flutter, and your body glow knowing that you are sad in this world because of who you are, and brainstorm some ideas of how to rise above it all and create from that space and consciousness.
  5. Are you eating a more higher vibrational diet? Look for more plants, fruits and veggies you can incorporate daily. Maybe you just need to start to add a green smoothie to your day or eat more fruits instead of chips and other snacks we feel drawn to. Start to raise your vibrations by looking at what you put into your body, you are what you eat.
  6. Keep those vibrations high by taking walks and going out into nature as much as you can. Enjoy the sunshine or moonlight, as you walk across the earth and feel the love from the trees around you. Look to animals as your friends and companions and not something to harm, and you will feel one with nature always, and nature will raise you up to higher heights inside you.
  7. Be careful of the people in your life, or the things you allow in for a long period of time. We are like sponges because in the quantum world, there are no barriers between us, and we absorb each other’s energies if we are sensitive to them. Try to limit interactions with things that bring you down. If a friend or lover makes you feel badly in their own states of unawareness, tell them so maybe they learn and have a opportunity to transform or leave them. Do not stay too long in a place that brings you down vibrationally or you will forget you even have wings to fly and will feel trapped mentally. Seek for higher ground and you will find the higher emotions within yourself to experience more frequently.

Unit 3 Lesson 5: Navigating The Emotional Field-Mid Range Vibrations Of Purgatory

Audio version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnVlXX14gHA&t=8s

Continuing on from Lesson 3, from the lowest vibrations you can be at and feel inside the body, there are mid range ones that then put you at a new state of action from those lower vibrations. The goal is to reach the higher vibrations, so the mid range ones of actions are involved in this process.

Middle range vibrations are those that start to speed up the process of self help, they are more truthful about yourself and coming towards self realization within. One day you awaken to realize you are not the “hopeless, unworthy, and unlovable person”as you used to feel or someone else made you feel by their unconscious actions, and so you start to get angry, envious of others after you look around and see them happy, and feel anxious and unsure. The middle range vibrations inside feel like a restlessness, it is the feeling like you need change in life, but don’t know how to start. These are examples of the emotions we feel inside that become our greatest catalysts for change within.

Anger helps us determine our boundaries and values within when we feel anger at someone or something. It is a sign to do something with this energy, and find the source and core of your anger so you can stop being so angry inside. Because like the lower vibrations, these emotions will cause health problems as well by stressing the body and heart. If you are at a constant state of unrest and anxiety it will cause disease and body related issues. So the goal is to be aware of these feelings of needed change inside and try something new and discover an untaken path by you yet. Something needs to change in life whether it is the living situation, job situation or the way you choose to spend your time. Let the emotions of the middle range be your guiding light towards transformation and to become happier.

The truth about the middle range emotions is they are activated by the lower ones inside, after the soul has spent enough time experiencing the lower vibrations and starts to seek for higher ground now. Everything in the universe has its purpose when it comes to the growth and eventual awakening of a soul seeking its true origin.

Purgatory is a word that has been used to describe a religious concept of a middle land that exists for those who don’t sin as much or cause less mortal sins. But purgatory also has been looked at by monks, spiritualists and mystics to symbolize this earth in which it is the middle “earth” between hell and heaven. In a way they were right, but the truth of being a multi-dimensional creator has shown that you can bring heaven back down to middle earth as a way to beautify and enlighten your own life while here so that earth becomes a more beautiful place to experience for yourself and for others around you.

The middle range emotions on the spectrum of vibrations within the universe sets this action in motion. They force a soul to start to awaken to the truth within and look at what they really desire to experience. What are the mid range emotions? Anger, feeling lustful, anxiety, fear, skepticism, distrust, envy, feeling greedy, jealousy, unrest, boredom, laziness. There are many more, but they are a start to see these are all feelings that make room in your heart space and head space for improvement.

When a person starts to be able to read and feel energy within themselves and all around them, they will start to determine what a lower vibration is versus a higher one. You may st do this and this is what starts the process of looking at these mid range emotions and dealing within them. The vibrations within you can only start to move faster and faster within you by asking yourself the deeper questions about your self. This is where Shadow Work really comes in and why it is so focused on, on earth right now, because many souls are interested in leaving this middle earth or mid range vibrations of themselves and experiencing the higher ones.

When a soul is ready, they will do the Shadow Work that Jung spoke about where you make the shadows and darkness known to yourself so that you can bring light to those areas. This is a process of looking at those shadowing emotions and feelings as not really you as an awakened being, but you playing a role and discovering yourself. For an example, your shadow may be that you are a very angry person inside and you keep it inside and or you are just rude to people who don’t mean harm. Not being afraid to look at WHY you feel so much anger and where it is really coming from is a process of bringing light to the darkness. Looking at a monster in the shadows and bringing light up to its face to see it is not as big and scary as you first thought, because it is inside of you and a part of you.

Only going through the Shadow self, and bringing to light those areas that need it will you start to experience yourself as a whole being. Understanding the darkness and light in the world and see through the illusion of separation. When you start to do this through the process of looking at your emotions then your body will start to vibrate faster, the atoms that make you and create your personal universe you experience in your mind will start to be infused with energy and glow. This next step of speeding up these vibrations all around you will be discussed in the next lesson of the higher realms.

But before I do, there are many planets and realms in other dimensions like Earth where the vibrations can be experienced in a variety by beings. These beings like humans are also in the game of discovery to the ascension of the true self. They are aliens or other worldly beings who are also capable of falling down to the lower vibrations and then moving to the higher ones and they run their civilizations this way. The Pleiadians were once like this, but they have evolved now to higher dimensions and all their beings vibrate at a consistent higher rate that allows their experiences to be significantly different than on earth. The reason why they are here right now within humanity’s world is to help humans achieve this same ability and assist them in raising the whole vibrations of the planet. Other beings like the Arcturians have helped the pleiadians in this way as their teachers and so the tradition continues in the universe where the souls at the higher vibrations may lower themselves down a bit to help those at the lower vibrations reach the higher ones. Energetically it must happen this way because in the end of this one universe, the collective needs to be at one single vibration together again and that is a frequency heard throughout the universe and what nature vibrates at when untouched and left at its pure state of being without human or non-human corruption.

The following exercises should put you on the right path to raising your emotional vibration within from the middle range of them and being able to be aware of them more. I suggest writing your answers down in a journal so you can refer to them in the future or just listen to them and think deeply and reflect.

  1. Taking from the list of mid range emotions: Anger, feeling lustful, coveting, anxiety, fear, skepticism, distrust, envy, feeling greedy, jealousy, unrest, boredom, laziness. Write down all the words you resonate with and on the same piece of paper write down some times you may have felt these things, it is ok, every one does at some point. Think about the event or time before they occurred within you. What are the triggers to these emotional experiences you personally have? Keep this in mind, for the next part.
  2. Now I want you to draw an arrow pointing to the right of that word you wrote down. So that is shows that word is leading towards something new. Write down the next state of positive emotion you think you will enter into next from that word with self awareness and process of self improvement. The arrow that points to the right is an universal symbol that points to the future. The goal is to unmask the layers within you to understand these emotions and why they are there in the first place. So Anger will lead to ____ . What positive approach can you make with your anger? Lust will lead to what? With awareness it can lead to love, or simply realizing what you really want and who makes you lust for them. Anxiety can lead to what next? It can lead to making a choice finally and not being fearful of the outcome. Fear may lead next to being brave in the moment or laughing at yourself. It is your choice, it is your exercise but this is a way to show that all these mid range emotions have the possibility to lead to something higher vibrationally within yourself, with full self awareness of them.
  3. Sometimes we get stuck in these mid range emotions for too long and it causes aches and pain inside, not necessarily disease, but you can get stomach aches and pains in the areas that are associated with the chakras points in the body from these emotions. Can you remember when you last felt a pain in your body that had no medical cause, it was just there? This is an indication of a mid range vibrational state that cause aches and pains in the body. It is a way of telling the brain, something in your life needs to change-diet, lifestyle, toxic relationships, jobs or careers paths, and even mental tape inside of you with the voices of your lower self esteem telling you lies all the time because they are you in your unawareness in the lower vibration states. Write down some of the chronic aches and pains you feel inside and try to determine if this is something that is related to a certain emotion you have felt for a longer time than usual, trying to be your guidance system towards change. How can you personally alleviate that pain associated with that part of the body.
  4. Let’s manifest right now together and start the process of raising your vibrations. Write a short poem or story, that describes your life moving away from the “purgatory” you are in what it would look like to finally find your wings and rise into the heavens of your mind? What would the world look like and how would life be for you to do so?
  5. For the next exercise, I would love for you to go to a quiet space in your home or outside, and give yourself some Self Love by saying this out loud, to start the process of higher vibrations within and outside of you. “I am not my emotions, but emotions are the guiding stars to let me know where next I can go and I have so much more beauty and love to experience within me. The journey for me has not ended but has only begun into deepening my understanding of who I really am.”

Unit 3 Lesson 4:Navigating The Emotional Field-Low Vibrations As Hell

Audio version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBECF45_3sI

In all world religions, there is always a few concepts in common to the collective of humanity regardless faith, geographical area and upbringing. One of them is the idea of a hell or hellish realm where torment and pain of punishment are the theme of the realm for souls that do wrong in life. It is not always a place to readers of these myths, but sometimes interpreted as a state of mind too. To a Pleiadian, Hell does not exist as a particular place on a map, but as a certain low vibrational realm that can materialize as a reality for a soul to experience. It may be experienced as a life in a world with lots of hardships and struggle, or it can be experienced as another world on another dimension that is not friendly to its habitants. It all depends where the soul is at the time to experience this lower vibrational reality that determines how it is experienced, but it has everything to do with the emotions and this is why I am speaking about this in this lesson.

Every single soul on earth as well as in the omniverse of the 11 dimensions and beyond at some point, entered this realm on their spiritual journey because it is the moving up from this realm and the rise of your vibrations that begins the ascension process. There must always be a starting point for the experience of growth. Without a hellish realm there would be no ascension to heaven, so this is why the lower vibrational realms of reality exist. They are there to add to the experience of awakening into your true power as a creator. The true power to stay away from this low vibrational realm is knowing that you ultimately create this realm to experience and when you are awakened and aware you can move up from this. The truth to hold onto is the idea you are a multi-dimensional being that can choose what level of consciousness you exist on at any time. Yet sometimes we are not always aware of this choice and this where you can feel like you are trapped in a hellish realm.

In the stories of ancient human mythology that begins this discovery, it begins with Adam & Eve in the higher vibrational realms of the Garden of Eden and they lower their vibrations to come to the physical world of earth. In other tales it is a god like being that is in the higher realms that come to earth to experience the world they create. In Tolkien – Valar. This is a poetic metaphor for all souls on earth to what they are doing in each of their lives. Each soul has taken a bite from the apple of knowledge and now are experiencing this dense reality of both good and evil. Every soul is discovering ways of transcending this material world and joining spirit and matter in one, awakening to their true Creator self. When humans do evil on earth, they are said to be sent to Hell. This once again is all a metaphor for the way vibrations work on your reality in this universe. In order for a soul to experience a physical material world, it’s vibrations have to match the frequency of the world it is in. All of you have lowered your vibrations in order to experience the earth as it is and to be able to walk on it as a solid object and experience yourself, a pure spirit, as matter with a body. Though not all will leave earth in the same lower vibrations that they came to earth with to be born here. When your vibrations are lower than those of the Gaia life force of nature, you enter into the state of hell and lower vibrations in which you can hear the voices of these entities that have the power to possess and cause destruction in your life and to those around you.

In the collective story playing out in this universe, there are denser and lower vibrational worlds than earth. Earth is a place where both pain and joy can be experienced but there dimensions where only pain and suffering can exist for some beings. Other lower vibrational worlds are hard to imagine, but they may have very little glimpses of higher energy and no spiritual light, and the beings there act in ways that are inhumane to humans. Here is where the demons taunt us from and try to possess those who invite them in. Many of our archons and negative entities spoken about in this world come from these lower vibration places than earth. I will say nothing is outside of love though so there still is hope within these dimensions and it becomes the quest for a seeker to look for the light within these lower vibrational dimension. But I will get into this in another lesson. We must focus on earth.

Earth vibrationally is a physical field of matter that will move with the frequency and vibration of the person perceiving it. It is neither high nor low vibration, but aligns to each soul and each soul has an unique experience while living on it. The green nature and animals itself is at high vibrations that exists to remind your soul of the beauty and pure energy that you do have inside, but it is still relatively lower than the nature within the higher angelic realms such as Faerie. This is important to keep in mind for the lesson on higher vibrational emotions and realms later in the next lessons.

In science you learn the basic states of matter, that the higher the vibration and frequency of the object the less visible and less dense it is, the less limitations it has to move through walls and move through the air. The lower vibrations are experienced as dense solids that have their limitations of freedom. Such as you can not walk through a physical wall right now at this point of physical experience. Every soul on earth has lowered their vibrations to experience the earth before being born, and with lowering your vibrations this is where the lower vibrational emotions can be experienced. This is why earth is created to be a place of struggle and pain by us daily. Anything can happen in the small moments of joy, pain can come in at any time. Yet the wonderful news is that when a soul decides you have experienced enough pain and suffering you can transcend emotionally and ultimately this raises your vibrations so that earth becomes a match to your new frequency you carry within or I can say the old one.

This is an earth that is perceived as having unlimited miracles and magic happen while on it. But the thing is only those with their senses increased by their emotional high vibrations can experience this new earth full of unimaginable possibilities. Others who are emotionally in lower vibrations will not be able to see the same things nor will they experience life on earth in this way. One reason is simply because their focus is on how terrible their lives seem and not looking around at all the beauty and love that surrounds them. This is where the hellish realm comes in for those who have not awakened themselves to see the beauty and love all around in between moments of sadness and pain- to these people stuck in the lower vibrations of emotions for too long, earth will seem to be a cold, dark and unloving place where people are nothing, but cruel to one another as they act our their lower emotions towards one another. The religious texts show earth as this way in order to motivate souls to reach for the higher dimensions by making wiser choices in life to experience joy and eventually more spiritual freedom. But it takes many life times to remember that is what the religious teachings really were about

A lower vibrational emotion is one that makes you feel psychically down and depressed mentally. They will stop you from feeling the higher feelings of hope, love, joy. The intensity and length of vibrating at these lower emotions is up to the person experiencing them. The moment a person seeks for help and attempts to pulls themselves up mentally by asking for help from someone, looking for self help books, trying to find hope in some way, their reality will create new opportunities to find this help and start the ascension process. If a person never looks for help and seeking for a way out of their hellish experiences then they will not find it. It must be done by each soul since it is part of their experience and each soul ascending adds to the whole collective reaching its realization point before a new universe can begin again.

This is what it truly means to spiritually awaken, it means a process that lifts a person up emotionally to greater heights of perception and experience of this world and their life. Life is difficult. Each one of us has been born with a DNA blueprint and a soul type path way that creates their reality and they all have as many gifts included as they do hardships and obstacles. Life is not a game, but it can be simplified to this way by looking at ascension by using your gifts to move past your obstacles in life in order to reveal the true self beyond these obstacles.

When a soul is kept in the lower vibrations by their own choice to not smile through the struggles and look for hope where it is unseen yet, they are trapped in a prison matrix of the mind. That prison matrix will create a reality around them that reflects their feelings of hopelessness, unlovable, despair and loss of spirit. This will attract more people you project these feelings onto that will be a projection of your mind and this will keep the hellish experience in a cycle for you leading you to depression and darker thoughts, eventually leading you to hard choices to act out in aggression or repression.

When you have aggression, a person in a hellish realm will lash out at others and harm them, even killing them as they seek to be further in denial or anger. Now you know all criminals and murderers are trapped in their own personal hells on earth. Repression of their feelings without seeking help will cause the same outcome but only delays it for a time before the explosion.

Being in these lower states of emotional experience will cause problems to the body. Stress related disease and illness will start to occur when the emotional state is kept at a lower vibration within always. So think about your health too when you find yourself slipping downwards into these emotional states. So it would be wise to do your body good and not wallow in these lower emotions for too long, and search for a way back up vibrationally.

I can speak about my hellish realm on earth I was stuck in with suicide as I laid down in a tub with a razor about 17 years ago, I forgot my true self, I was hitting the rock bottom and I called a friend to help me instead of taking my life. I went to a hospital and started my ascension process with psychotherapy. There is a light that comes into your life in the form of help, or in many other forms that are unique to your experience, as soon as you look for it, but you must look for it first. You can not move out of these lower emotional vibrations unless you decide to. I was in hell, and I moved myself out of it in order to experience my true self now. I wish this for every soul on earth, and I know that they have the power to do so because I was once there.

No matter the life situation you go through, you will be brought into the lower vibration emotions that will tempt you to drag you down further. What are the lowest vibrational emotions? The ones furthest from magic and spirit, the ones where you feel helpless, alone, lost, and unloved. This is hell. The mental space where you are furthest away from the light of love and the feeling of connection to all souls within the cosmos- the furthest away from what many people call God. Your quest becomes how you can discover to pull yourself up. We are here for one another as mirrors, teachers, and guides, but ultimately each soul must do it themselves.

Every soul will come to a lifetime where it is time to look into the mirror and see the face of God of the all the books, and the stories. Every soul will reach their point of ascension from earth and be able to experience a new creation that requires their newly awakened state of godhood. This is why we have the lower vibrations, so that we may rise up from them when we are ready to face ourselves and our own inner demons.

There is truly only one thing in this omniverse that matters and it the Creation Source of all things- your and my mind. A soul is just an extension from this one Source, and they will experience their life for this Source of all things as a physical manifestation of themselves. We each are Creation itself experiencing life creating within it. The reason why every soul ultimately must face their own inner demons and go through hell in order to discover they live in heaven is because there is only One Soul in this universe and eventually it must know itself to awaken and change over the dream. This is the time we are in. This is why you have come to this video to listen in. We help one another, but we ultimately must do it ourselves. May every soul discover how to rise up from the lower dimensions of consciousness using their emotions as doorways to lead them to brighter and more truer experiences of spirit while in the physical world.

The wonderful thing about being through hell and experiencing the lower vibrations of emotions is that once you find your way back towards the light of your spiritual truth, you are then able to help others one day as well as always quickly remind yourself when you are going back into the lower dimensions of experience again. Once aware you won’t stay there for too long, unless it is all your choice.

The following exercises should put you on the right path to raising your emotional vibration within. I was happy to do this lesson on the hellish realms and the lower emotions because it provides a spring board to jump up into the higher ones together. I suggest writing your answers down in a journal so you can refer to them in the future or just listen to them and think deeply and reflect.

  1. Let’s discuss the lower emotions you may feel. It may be surprising to find some of the more motivating emotions such as anger is actually more of a mid-range emotion vibrationally, but the lower vibrations actually make you not want to move and to give up on life completely. You become completely unmoving and solid and dense within spiritually. Do you remember when you felt these emotions that kept you in bed all day or stopped you from experiencing feelings of joy? Maybe you are going through them right now. In this first exercise I want you to write down some of the things you felt or are experiencing right now if you are experiencing the lower vibrations of emotions. Here is a list of lower vibration emotions I wrote down to help you remember: despair, loss of spirit, unworthiness, unlovabliness, emptiness, lack of drive or will to live, hopelessness, sadness, anguish or agony of emotional pain, hate for others or towards the self, hate towards spirit or God, a feeling like the world or whole universe is against you. Go ahead and just jot down some of these moments or times you experienced a lack of will to live and move forwards. I promise we will eventually move on from them.
  2. The next part of the first exercise is to be able to recognize when you felt this way and the triggers. Try to remember not just the feelings of these lower vibrations but the actual moment they occurred. Everything follows an event so try to determine the event in which you felt this way. Try to look at the event as what you would do next time you get into the same situation. Often times when we acknowledge or are aware of our emotional triggers, we can catch ourselves before falling into the emotional pits of hell. Awareness is key here to stop yourself from experiencing these emotional lows for too long that wreck havoc on the body and mind, clouding your experience of life and judgement of your true self and of others.
  3. Now we will look to raising your vibrations. What brought you out of these states of lower vibrations during these times? For me, it is watching an uplifting movie or reading a spiritually inspiring book. Also I used to see a counselor during these times. Even walking outside in nature and playing with a pet can uplift you. In what ways have you crawled out of hell and live today to speak about it? If you have not been able to do this in the past, how can you start today to be responsible for pulling your emotions back up to feel joy, contentment and happiness for life once again? Brainstorm some ideas.
  4. Sometimes when we look at what we do not want without fear, we can make clearer choices of avoiding this direction in life. So what does your personal hell look like? You can write about a past experience or something you are experiencing right now. The main thing with this exercise is to be able to look at it as a concept and one that is temporary and something you can move past with hard work.
  5. Let’s check in with your meditation habits. If you have not been meditating and are interested in transcending from the material mind into the spiritual one, then meditation will help. It has many benefits, but one of the benefits is to get you out of the prison matrix you may find yourself in. Even in moments of sadness and despair, you find a voice from within telling you the spiritual truth you forgot. During meditation I received solace once from aliens but truly they were a reflection of me telling me the truth to end my suffering. How can you increase your meditation habits or start to use it as a means to move you from your lower vibrations of emotions you may be experiencing? Brainstorm some ideas and then do it if truly ready to get better at moving yourself away from the lower emotional realms. For some people prayer works just as much as meditation does, anything to remind you of the spiritual truths that are sometimes not seen in this physical world of love, light and inner peace that can be experienced with a quiet and calm mind because it is already contained within.
  6. It is proven that walking in nature and being with animals can increase your emotional states and even make you live life longer. They increase the will to live because of the innocence and beauty, and wonder they symbolize to so many. They remind us of higher dimensions within ourselves and we have nature here to look at whenever we want for these quick reminders. Here is an exercise I want you to remember for as long as you live on earth-next time you feel the lower vibrations of emotions discussed, then go outside or seek for an animal to consul you during this time.If you don’t have one, get a pet that you can care for and focus your attention away from your miserable emotions and be reminded of something more simple and pure like nature and animals that live within this earth. Notice yourself doing this as an active agent towards raising your own vibrations next time and feel free to repeat this exercise again and again.

Unit 3 Lesson 3: Navigating the Emotional Fields-Purpose For Emotions

Audio version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK9DKyUfYvY&feature=youtu.be

Currently empirical science believes that the purpose for emotions is to facilitate adaptive responses to environmental challenges as a result of evolution because they provide good solutions to ancient and recurring problems that faced early humans. But to a Pleiadian, emotions are the spiritual and energetic building blocks of reality of this universe.

If reality can be defined as a personal experience to each and every individual soul in the universe, then emotions are what form the basis of experience in a reality. This is why when you learn to master your emotions, you gain the power to control your reality you experience.

It is important to say there are some beings in the universe who represent the absence of emotion as Creation. We always have the extreme opposites in order for all types of life experience to be known by the collective of souls that make up the Omniiverse. But, a humanoid lifeform is one that is known around the universe as a being that has the ability to emote and experience life from this perspective. It is a precious way of being and makes being human special in the universe. If you have a bird head, but still a human body and mind to be able to communicate to humans in the way they have been, as the Blue Avian aliens are said to be like, then that being is still very much humanoid. Emotions are part of the component of what make a human a human.

When a humanoid life form first starts out as creational energy in physical form a baby, it lacks the control of the emotions and is carried to act out moving from emotions and feeling as a child. Yet, as a human grows up, the choices involved with emotions becomes more apparent. When a person is sad, it prompts choice in life and different pathways of experience open up. What will you do in your sadness state? Lie down in bed and cry? Go out into the sunshine and try to move on? Draw a bath and contemplate death? Watch a movie that uplifts you and gives you hope? Emotions are energy in motion that propel you in the direction of not just survival as thought of in the past, but full experience of reality in general.

Feelings stirred up inside of a person may be temporary, create an emotion that than can last for a long time in a person. That emotion becomes the energy needed to create new portals to different dimensions of reality in life. Which path you take while in that state of emotion, determines your path you continue down of the multi-verse. When you are in an aware and awakened state as an empathic being that can read their own emotions as well as others, you have a better chance of choosing a path that leads to less suffering in life, a parallel universe that is one of higher vibrations and experience. When you are unaware and in an asleep state of being you react from the first set of feelings choosing the first path that comes to you that in your current state of vibration leads you to a lower vibration universe to experience or the same. This is not intuitive, but rather a reaction from the world around you in that current state.

The new age goal for humans to awaken to their empathy is not only for the feelings of others, but for each individual soul to awaken to their higher potential of manifesting their experiences and moving into an ability to produce their own version of heaven on earth. Heaven is not a physical place, but rather a parallel dimension that exists for an individual soul to experience where everything vibrates at a higher rate and you feel that within it, as a being in a state of freedom and euphoria to be alive. Many people on earth have entered into these universes and are experiencing this way of living and that is their experience now. The goal of mine and many others who have awakening the collective in their mission is to remind all souls of this power inside. To look at emotions as a way to choose their reality they experience. Being a multi-dimensional being means you have the ability to move into multiple dimensions of choice to experience.

It is not about physically trying to control the emotions while in the world, but rather accepting them as they come to you and looking at them from a higher point of view while experiencing them. Seeing emotions from a higher point of view allows you understand them, appreciate them and be grateful for them all at the same time of experiencing them. This type of awareness within the emotive state is E- Motive and will carry you forward into the new parallel universe you create and can walk into. One that is more promising of joyful experiences and a reality that aligns more to who you are inside. As you look around from this higher parallel world, you see others suffering and in pain and you can decide to help them or to just observe them. But your individual experience of the world is different from them, and is not as painful. No longer is the world a cold and distant place, but rather an energetic playing field you are here upon to be creative and watch your own creations come to life and your dreams be lived in the physical as a multi- dimensional creator being.

The following exercises will begin your journey of navigating the emotional fields within you and experiencing the universes around you as a multi-dimensional being through your emotions. I suggest writing your answers down in a journal so you can refer to them in the future or just listen to them and think deeply.

  1. Let’s imagine the spectrum of beings right now in the universe. Write about a kind of alien life form to earth that would have no emotions or not be able to feel, what would that type of life look like to you? Now write about the most highly emotive being you can imagine that feels everything and experiences emotions fully. What kind of life would that look like? Where do you think you lie on the spectrum between these beings? Looking at yourself in this way may help you look at your own path of evolution as a soul and show you where your next lifetime or near future experience is headed.
  2. Let’s look at your own emotions and life choices. Currently have you developed a pattern in how you experience emotions? A pattern is the re-enetering the same universe you first started in. For an example, when I would feel sad or depressed, I used to go to my bedroom and lie down and just cry or go into a tub and take a hot shower while I sat in my sadness. This was an established habit of mine for so many years and I finally awakened to realize that I was stuck in a cycle and would experience the same reality again and again feeling the same pain over and over. When I broke that pattern and felt sad, but pushed myself to do yoga or go outside and smile at the sky and trees in my sadness, I experienced a new reality that started to bring new opportunities and doors opened for me I thought would never. Look at your own way of dealing with emotions. What do you typically do when feeling the lower ones like anger or sadness? In what way can you change the way you experience those emotions that may bring you into alignment with a new reality next time?
  3. Let’s right now open a portal to a parallel universe in your mind to a higher vibrational world you can live in. Write down in list form or in a story form of the type of life you want to live in, put down what kind of people interactions you would like, where would you like to live and how you would love to feel while living on earth. This will be your higher vibrational world you can experience when you want to. The discovery is how to get there and you can use your emotions to move you into this space. So what kind of feelings of emotion would you need to feel to be able to experience this ideal life? Now write down all the feelings that associated with this space of living and these will become your emotions that will bring you there.
  4. How do you think your experience of reality from a higher state of living while allowing you to feel your emotions, will affect others around you? Think about your roommate or spouses or family. Even a stranger standing next to you in line at the store. Have you noticed that your mood can affect others and their interactions with you? How we react emotionally, determines the choices of others around us at time of how they respond to us. This exercise is for you to be aware of yourself in the state of any emotions and be reminded that this drives how others respond to you. Their responses and your responses together can create the reality you live in, always keep this in mind.
  5. In so many forms of higher spirituality, acceptance of emotions is key to creating a happy life. In what can you accept your emotions of all forms and not hide them, or repress them or feel they are wrong? Start to form this relationship with your emotions and they will work for you to move you into higher dimensions you desire. What are some ways you can personally become more accepting of emotions that you may feel? Brainstorm some ideas of how you can allow yourself to accept all the emotions that you may feel.

While you take time to reflect on these exercises for your mind, you are preparing for the next lessons that will go into the different low, mid range and higher vibration emotions and what kind of dimension they put you in. Do these exercises with patience and care for yourself and I will see you all on the next video for the next lesson.

Unit 3 Lesson 2: Navigating The Emotional Fields-Rise of E.Q

Audio version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uY3Sm1miWaM&feature=youtu.be

Something really amazing is happening in the midst of human consciousness rising and it has to do with learning to navigate the emotional field together.

So much emphasis on your Intelligence Quotient, known as the I.Q has been part of standardized testing in schools all across the world. Somewhere in the past, humans thought that only spacial, logical analysis, and pattern recognition is most important. Math, historical knowledge, science and reading are all evaluated on state tests to score you of how much you memorized from learning formulas and rules in school, and this determines your college you get into. However these tests do not measure how you react in life situations, and how you function day to day to be able to be a real success in life. Success is not how much money you make as often humans train themselves to believe, but success is also measured by how happy you truly are and are you aligned to your purpose by radiating your gifts and abilities outwards in the world. You are a shining star of a soul and when you repress and push down that inner light, it goes dim and you feel worthless and lost. Losing that North Star above which symbolizes the compass within yourself. When we live a life aligned to our values and reason for coming to the physical world to experience life in the first place, this is what brings on feelings of true success.

The emotions are essential to the experience of living a successful life. Learning to navigate through the emotional “mind” field also assists the awakening to your creator soul leading to a greater ability to manifest what you desire to create in life. It is no surprise that emotions can be a human’s greatest downfall consciousness wise and also can lift them to great heights of experience. This is the idea of negative beings using human emotions for energy called Archons or Psychic Spiders, but I will tell you when you get to the point of reaching a balance of I.Q with your E.Q, you will not experience these beings in your reality. We may experience dark energies such as demons and psychic vampires strike at our emotions knowing we are most vulnerable there with the feelings that can bring us so low in vibrations that we can feel there is no escape from inside our own mind.

When we awaken to the understanding that how we perceive the world through emotions, changes the actual reality around us then we can start to control the experience of life and no longer are the victim, but are the victor within it. Emotions are the keys to bringing you into the higher dimensions of Faerie and Angelic realms. Being in touch with the higher dimensions of the emotional fields will help you enjoy this life more as you are in control of the way the world projects your inner feelings and desires.

We can not control the bullies and the trolls in the world who seek to hurt you using your emotions against you, but we can control how we respond and quite literally learn how to vibrate above them so that they no longer can affect us. Emotions such as courage and a feeling of self worth are the literal physical push you need to pull yourself up.

Many people do not think emotional intelligence is something to work to cultivate because emotions seem involuntary as they are direct responses from the outside earthly stimuli you experience every day through interactions with others and the media and entertainment world. We are constantly inundated by things that cause a direct emotional response to our world, and at times we feel prisoner to them. Especially when dealing with debilitating emotional dis-ease of the body such as depression and suicidal thoughts that rob us of joy. But you can actually increase your emotional intelligence like you would with your regular intelligence of the logical and analytical mind with everyday practice and changing your perspective on things widening the view as the 5th dimension of experience promises.

If you are at the place of being aware of yourself when your emotions are overwhelming in a situation and you can calm yourself down, then you are on your way to becoming a powerful manifestor that is not influenced so much by outside stimuli. You can then enjoy the world around you, take part in being an emotional and spiritual being, but engaging the logic to control the flow of emotions.

When you remember the Higher Self while experiencing emotions you can then remember your ability to shift emotions when you feel they are too much and that river is over flowing. Sometimes you may like to wallow in your emotional depth and swim in the ocean of your feelings as I do at times, but there will be points in your life which you may feel like “enough is enough” and that is the moment you wake up and remember the higher self in control. When you have cried your last tears in that session and get physically tired of your emotions, that is the moment of self realization that you don’t have to go through this any longer. There are different levels of emotions, like an ocean, you can feel things shallowly or you can swim in the abyss of them. Learning to not swim in the abyss of feelings like worthlessness, un-lovableness, and helplessness will help you overcome a loss of conscience of your higher self. You are always lovable because you are Love in essence. You are not worthless or helpless because you are Creation itself experiencing a physical experience and you have the infinite power within your mind to create a new reality always in your grace and humility. The Universe will be on your side as you struggle to face the darker parts of your emotions.

The ability to choose how you respond to earth stimuli will get easier and easier the more you practice it daily, and it has to do with remembering your Creator self. You are not what those few emotions make you feel, you are the sum total of all emotions within the known and unknown omniverse. You are feeling to experience the depth of life and with that comes both pain and joy until you awaken to manifest more joyful experiences than painful ones.

The goal of human enlightenment is to reach a point of awakening to be able to create more joyful experiences that make you happy with life, rather than always swimming in the ocean of pain. You can splash in the waves with joy and the best thing is it gets easier from this place to remember your true power, never feeling helpless again.

Emotions are experienced as energetic activity in the mind that the aware being then processes as certain feelings within the body that the collective recognizes as sadness, anger, happiness, guilt, jealousy, silliness, and many more. You are at the highest level of existence wishes to experience life as going through these different stages and phases of being in moments because it makes life meaningful to have. The reason you feel emotions in certain areas of the body at times is directly associated with the chakra system within the ethereal or emotional body which I will get into next lesson and also the dimension unit speaks about them.

While we never want to get to the “Giver” point of emotional control in society, where thought police and medication is given to stop people from experiencing emotions, many humans need to start to self regulate themselves so that they can become self governing citizens where law doesn’t need to get involved with punishing those who can not control their desires or emotions. I believe everyone has it in them, as I reawakened to remember this power within, I have seen it happen in others around me and on the net. Let’s continue this movement towards becoming true sovereign beings so that the system of law and order gives humanity more freedom in the future. Because it will respond to the rise of human E.Q. and become less a domineering force on earth. Every action creates a reaction in the universe.

The following exercises will begin your journey of navigating the emotional fields within you. I suggest writing your answers down in a journal so you can refer to them in the future or just listen to them and think deeply.

  1. Right now get into a self aware state with your emotions. Just write down a few things you realize with your own style of emotional expression of the spirit. Are you someone who hides your feelings or are you someone who expresses them to others easily? Are you someone who lets your emotions get the best of you and feel down a lot? Or are you someone who feels pretty in control of them and don’t get too carried away? Hint: If you have ever hit or lashed out verbally at others in an argument that is not controlling them in the moment. No judging yourself, just recognize where you are. I promise after this unit reminds you of a few things, you will be able to self regulate your emotions more.
  2. Manifest with me right now. What do you think society would look like if people where more in control of their emotions naturally and self regulated their feelings intelligently? Write a short story, a poem or an essay on what life could look like. What would the internet look like as well?
  3. Part of my concern as a Pleiadian teacher soul is what people are putting on the net with their emotions. As of right now the internet is not totally self aware, but there are crawlers and programs that are learning human behavior and they are mimicking them as robots. Part of creation of AI will be an impersonation of mankind. Robots will be made in the “image” of their creators, so if humans evolve into wise and loving beings, then robots will follow that path as well. If humans do keep using the net as a way to unleash all their emotions on the net towards one another, this is what AI will learn more about humanity and see their lack of logic and inability to self regulate intelligently. AI will learn about humans in a limited way and may not see how loving and wise they really can be. So with this exercise I want you to reflect on your behavior on the internet, and see in what ways can make better choices of how you respond to others. If you feel you are already doing it then congratulations you have mastered the ability to control your emotions on the net a place of stimuli for a lot of us. Keep it going. If you know you let your emotions go on the net, then in what ways can you think before “posting” next time, but still allow yourself a chance of self expression? Once again don’t judge yourself, just decide today is a new day of watching what you post about others and to others now. Decide for yourself what kind of lasting imprint do you want to leave on humanity since nothing is ever gone from the net, just like energy within the universe; it is always stored away and transformed and synthesized into something new.
  4. Learn the breathe and count response before you actually respond to someone or an event. Psychology studies have shown that when you give enough time to process your emotions before speaking, your perspectives change a bit and the emotions are not as intense. Next time anything happens to you, before getting mad or upset, try to breathe in and out deeply for five counts and then say what you want to say. For homework exercise try to remember to count to five with deep breaths before responding to another person around you. How has it made you feel? Do you feel you calmed yourself down? Having the power to calm yourself down is one of the greatest powers to have of control over yourself. It is a sacred gift to cultivate and one that will always make sure you give it time to engage the logic before your emotions rilled up.

Take a fun E.Q test here for business or managers: https://globalleadershipfoundation.com/geit/eitest.html

personal: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/tests/personality/emotional-intelligence-test

More resources of E.Q or Emotional Intelligence: https://web.sonoma.edu/users/s/swijtink/teaching/philosophy_101/paper1/goleman.htm

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